Paysage à Saint Ustre

Sustainable development policy

We have decided to commit Le Petit Trianon to a policy of sustainable development to minimise the environmental impact of the campsite as much as possible.

Bird sanctuary – LPO

As an LPO (Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux) Refuge, we renew our agreement with the burd protection Ligue every year. Our commitment to this recognised association aims to improve biodiversity on our site. This means that we follow the principles of the LPO Refuge charter and that we protect not only birds but also insects and plants.

This is done in a number of ways, including :

    Ecological management of the land: no chemicals or pesticides,

    Reasonable and nature-friendly maintenance of trees and vegetation,

    Protection of bird nesting sites,

  Optimisation of natural resources and water.

Green Key Ecolabel

Our campsite has been awarded the Green Key ecolabel for several years now. Developed in France since 1998, the Green Key label is the first ecolabel for tourist accommodation in France, in terms of the number of people awarded the label and its history.

Year after year, we put in place new practices to enrich the campsite’s commitment to sustainable development.


Our respectful practices

    The water in the pools is heated by a heat pump. There are therefore no greenhouse gases,

    We use water savers on taps,

    We replace every bulb with an energy saving bulb,

    Green spaces are maintained without pesticides,

    Green waste is used to produce compost,

    80% of the shavings from the pruning of our trees are reused as mulch for the campsite flowerbeds,

    Our staff use electric carts to get around the campsite,

    We avoid printing documents as much as possible by favouring digital printing and our documents are printed on recycled paper,

    Our team practices selective sorting on a daily basis,

    On the car park outside the campsite, rubbish bins and sorting containers are made available to our campers for a respectful practice.

Some advice

    Don’t waste water, it’s safe to drink throughout the campsite. Turn off the taps. Do not leave water running unnecessarily,

    Use your containers (glass bottles/canteens) at the water cooler,

    Turn off your lights when you leave a room, your rental, your location… Turn off the light on your terrace before going to bed. Don’t leave appliances on standby unnecessarily,

    Keep doors and windows closed when using the heater,

    Do not light campfires they are forbidden,

    Sort your waste – 3 sorting bags are available in each rental unit. The sorting area is located at one of the entrances to the campsite.