Spectacle des oiseaux à Chauvigny

In the heart of the medieval city of Chauvigny

The Giants of the sky

The birds and falconers of the Giants of Heaven have for their living the castle of Bishops, also called the castle Baronnial in Chauvigny.
This castle and four other buildings: the castle of Harcourt, the castle of Montléon, the Dungeon of Gouzon and the Tower of Flins, crown Chauvigny.
The geographical proximity of these five sites is an exceptional feature for feudal Europe.

The Baronial Castle
The history of this castle explains its current silhouette.
After sheltering Bishops, who enlarged and strengthened it, this castle suffered numerous assaults during the wars, and was abandoned before being used as a stone quarry.

Des Oiseaux en Vol libre
Installed within the walls of the Castle of the Bishops, walls charged with history serve as a decoration. Its open amphitheater offers you a superb panoramic view of the city, and magnifies the flight of birds.
Since 2007 Vol en Scene has resumed the show of the Giants of Heaven. Thus, newcomers have invested the place to offer visitors a new show of high flight: birds from all continents perform their aerial prowess.

Birds in Free Flight
Eagles, marabouts, storks, parrots, vultures, hawks … you will touch their flights and you will admire rare and amazing birds.
Let yourself be captivated by the ferocious beauty of raptors and the exoticism of parrots.
You may recognize some of them who regularly participate in film shoots or commercials with major actors!

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Les Géants du Ciel
23 rue des Puys

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Distance from the campsite 41 km

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