Spectacle des oiseaux à Chauvigny

In the heart of the medieval city of Chauvigny

The Giants of the sky

A must for a stay in La Vienne, situated thirty minutes from the campsite, Chauvigny is a rich and surprising medieval city. Let yourself be seduced by the spectacle of the giants of the sky in the heart of the medieval city of Chauvigny.

A bit of history on the castle of Beronial

The castle of Beronial gathers the birds and falconers of the Giants of the Sky. It is thanks to the present silhouette of this castle that we can deduce its history. After it was sheltered by Bishops who enlarged and strengthened it, this castle was attacked many times during the wars. It was then abandoned before it was used as a stone quarry.
This medieval town of Chauvigny has other buildings in store for you, such as the Harcourt castle, the Montléon castle, the Gouzon Keep and the Flins Tower.

Admire the stars of the sky in freedom

The different species of birds are installed in the Bishops’ Castle, which is steeped in history. The castle opens its doors and offers a magnificent panoramic view of the city from the amphitheatre, as well as a moment of shivering thanks to the free flight show that the birds reserve for you.
It is since 2007 that Vol en Scène has taken over the show of the Giants of the Sky, thanks to newcomers who have invested in the place.
A new show that offers you the opportunity to admire rare and amazing birds, as well as to live an unforgettable moment in the company of birds that will brush you with their gliding flights.Let yourself be seduced by the beauty of each one of them, among eagles, marabouts, storks, parrots, vultures and falcons.

Practical information

Open every day from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.
The show is from 3 p.m.

Contact :
The Giants of the sky
23 rue des Puys

+33(0)5 49 46 47 48

Distance from the campsite 41 km