Family outing - Planet of the Crocodiles, La Vienne, France

Young and old, come and visit La Planète des Crocodiles. The only tropical greenhouse in Europe, this 5000 m² dome puts you in an atmosphere of tropical jungles where you can put yourself in the shoes of an adventurer thanks to its incredible collections of plants, trees, flowers and fruits without forgetting the animal species that reside there (crocodiles, turtles and chameleons).

A tropical greenhouse unique in Europe

A tropical greenhouse of more than 5.000M ² where were recreated different biotopes
The planet of crocodiles is above all a tropical greenhouse unique in Europe. Created by an architect five years ago, it stands out as an immense dome that rushes towards the clouds. Born from the latest technologies, its roof rises in case of strong heat to preserve our visitors and our animals conditions of visit and optimal life. This tropical greenhouse is the only one in France today to be heated thanks to hot water discharges from a nuclear power station. Indeed, the cooling water of the Civaux power station passes through a heat pump to heat this huge volume. The greenhouse air is heated to a minimum of 20 ° in winter while the water is heated to 27 ° for the “well being of animals”.

Animal Parks - The Planet of Crocodiles in Civaux

The botanical collection
This greenhouse with its unique architecture lets vegetation grow as in nature. You can discover cotton trees, papayers, among trees of several meters.

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Contact :
Route de fond d’Orveau
86320 CIVAUX
tel : +33 (0)5 49 91 80 00

Distance 54 km

Tropical greenhouse - crocodile planet