Petit Trianon campsite, near Loire Valley Castels

From the campsite Le Petit Trianon, it is very easy to visit some of the most beautiful castles of Loire Valley. Among these, we particularly recommend Chenonceau castle! Indeed, Chenonceau is both one of the jewels of the Loire Valley and very atypical with its gallery above the Cher river. Moreover, it has the advantage of being close to our campsite.

Chenonceau Castle in Indre-et-Loire

The famous gallery Chenonceau, with these two floors and overlooking the Cher is one of the jewels of the architecture of the Loire Valley.

Camping Loire Valley - Chenonceau

The silhouette of Chenonceau is recognizable among all. Built on the Cher that spans through a gallery bridge built under Catherine de Medici, the castle of Chenonceau was baptized over time, the “Castle of the Ladies”. Certainly unique, they were almost only women who successively presided over the construction, development, transformation and history of this residence which was royal before becoming a private residence in 1601. Indeed, the Château de Chenonceau was built by Katherine Briçonnet in 1513, enriched by Diane de Poitiers and enlarged by Catherine de Medici. Louise of Lorraine, known in history as “The White Lady of Chenonceau”, inherited it on the death of her husband, King Henry III. Then it is saved by Louise Dupin during the French Revolution and finally, Chenonceau will be metamorphosed by Madame Pelouze.

Loire Valley - Gallerie of Catherine de Médicis

In recent history, it should be known that although located far from the front of the Great War of 1914-1918, the Castle of Chenonceau, under the impulse of its then owner, Gaston Menier, had been transformed into a military hospital for soldiers wounded in action.

Camping Loire Valley - Chenonceau - military hospital

During your visit to Chenonceau, you will be able to enjoy the gardens, the 16th century farmhouse, the labyrinth of vegetation, walks on the expensive and for the most gourmet of you the castle restaurant or a meal on a panoramic restaurant boat.