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Paysage à Saint Ustre

Animal parks

Lovely family outing to Beauval Zoo

The Beauval zoo welcomes nearly 10,000 animals in Saint-Aignan (Loir-et-Cher). It is ranked among the 10 most beautiful animal parks in the world, 600 species are represented. Plan a full day to enjoy the 30 hectares of the park!

Admire the greatest diversity of animals in France

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Published on: 29 September 2018  -  Filed under: Animal parks, Castles of the Loire Valley

The planet of crocodiles in Civaux

Let yourself be transported to a tropical world where live crocodiles, turtles, all under a greenhouse with unique architecture.

Among these different species, you will discover the most emblematic crocodiles present in nature. Despite their similarities, they are characterized by their differences.

Distance from the campsite 54 km

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Published on: 3 June 2018  -  Filed under: Animal parks, Family outings in Vienne, Poitiers, Poitiers and surroundings

Chauvigny : Falconry show

At the heart of the medieval town of Chauvigny (86), within the walls of the remains of the castle of Bishops … is a spectacle of amazing free flight birds during which magnificent birds of prey, parrots with sumptuous colors and good d other atypical birds revive an ancient practice: Falconry.

Distance from the campsite 41 km

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Published on: 19 December 2017  -  Filed under: Animal parks, Chauvigny and surroundings, Family outings in Vienne, Poitiers