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Chauvigny and surroundings

Angles sur l’Anglin

Angles is believed to be one of the most beautiful villages in France because of its historical wealth.
People have lived on the banks of the Anglin since prehistoric times. The Magdalenian sculptures of Roc-aux-Sorciers prove it. They are the largest in Europe dated – 14,000 years.
To visit: the impressive ruins of the castle (XI-XVth century), which overhang 50 meters the valley of Anglin and the lower town.

Distance 37 km

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Rail bike of Chauvigny

Rial bike is a very friendly activity, to be shared with family and friends, even with young children. An extraordinary crossing decorated with various structures (bridges and footbridges). From the top of the railway viaduct, the Vélo-rail offers a particularly clear view of the lower town and the medieval city of Chauvigny.

Distance from the campsite 40 km

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The Giants of the sky of Chauvigny

At the heart of the medieval town of Chauvigny (86), within the walls of the remains of the castle of Bishops … is a spectacle of amazing free flight birds during which magnificent birds of prey, parrots with sumptuous colors and good d other atypical birds revive an ancient practice: Falconry.

Distance from the campsite 41 km

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